Introduction: Is “Buying America-Made Only” a good policy or trend for all Americans? As a democratic nation, we need to have the freedom for meeting our basic needs regardless of our income, and social status. Everyone can test the efficacy of this policy through a personal first-hand experience. Here is mine.

Introduction: After more than one year of lockdown due to COVID-19, many things have changed in our lives.  Positive attitude is the key for maintaining our mental and emotional health. Yet, we also need self-control to maintain our physical health as our lifestyles are changing. Let’s focus on the challenge of our growing body size here.

Differences among nations at times are similar to the differences experienced among people. Everyone is different and so is every nation! Like in a family, peaceful relationships around the world can only be achieved through mutual acceptance and respect. Let's start at the personal level and then expand to bigger areas.

Introduction: Being a retired professor of developmental psychology and multicultural studies, Dr. Lee shares the analogy of raising children and interacting with foreign nations. Many parents don’t want to be told about how to raise their children. Similarly, foreign nations around of the world feel the same. They don’t want other countries to interfere with their domestic affairs. Is recently announced Biden foreign policy reflecting that?

Introduction: God has really blessed me with diverse and exciting careers in my adopted homeland of America. I am proud of my records of contributions to this wonderful nation. Here, I would like to wear my professor hat of multicultural studies to share the following historical facts with you.

Introduction: Senator Ted Cruz of Texas told the press on Feb. 18, 2021 that his daughters wanted to go to Cancun with their friends during the snow and cold stricken home in Houston. As a good/spoiling dad, he decided to take the girls to Cancun. Sounds like it was truly a teachable moment for many parents, good and bad.  Let’s think about the important trait of EMPATHY for human survival while we are still struggling with COVID-19.

Due to COVID-19, we know that exercise is important to our physical and mental health, but many people still think they don't have time to exercise. In today's episode, Dr. Esther S. Lee is here to discuss the tips and ways to fit Your workout in your busy days.

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Loving others as you love yourself is a good moral advice. Yet, we tend to overlook that this advice requires us to first love ourselves. We cannot help others unless we first meet our own basic needs and are in good physical shape to do it. Let’s be kind and love ourselves first during this national challenging time.

When Dr. Lee was serving on the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, it’s common to use revolving door describing criminals. Lately, the political climate in our nation, especially in Washington, D.C. has prompted her to think about its similarities with prison systems.   Here are just some basic facts about the “games” in D.C.  No surprise, they are common at all levels of our political system.

On this New Year Day, we not only celebrate it with joy and hope but also need to focus on the future not the past year of 2020. (Philippians 3:14).  The year of 2020 was a great challenge for all of us. Joseph in the Bible is an excellent example for us. (Genesis 37-45) Yet, we all need to embrace the new 2021 with enthusiasm and positive perspectives. Looking forward and forgetting the past.

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